Legalization of property

Legalization of property

Regularization of your property  

If you need to regularize your property because its size and characteristics do not fully coincide with your deeds of ownership and with property registration, in this office we manage procedures of excess / defect of place in the property register, and before other entities in order that the physical reality coincides with the legal reality of your property.


Legalization of your property

Likewise, if your dwelling is in land qualified as non-buildable and has been built for at least 6 years, through a Royal Decree recently approved by the Andalusian Government there are ways to obtain that property is legalized and is called “Assimilated Out of ordering “. This implies that it cannot be demolished because it lacks urban planning license and may be entitled to access supply to water and electricity .


By means of this procedure many properties and houses without license in our country find a solution and method to get legalized. It is estimated that in Andalusia there are around 300,000 illegal homes.In order to do this, this office collaborates with other professionals in the urban world such as architects and drafters who could help you in the management of legalizing your property.     We have extensive experience in the processing of EPLUS, Records of Protection and restoration of the urban legality infringed and in sanction files opened by both the City Council and the competent Autonomous Community Board.