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Spain is a great place to live and invest. We give advice to English-speaking people, both residents and non-residents who intend to buy and sell property in our country. Knowing the real estate law and being properly advised of the Spanish legislation is crucial for any seller and buyer.

In most cases both buyers and sellers trust their services in Real Estate but it is advisable to also go to an outside professional and independent Real Estate to supervise the operation and avoid possible conflicts of interest. A professional of high qualification who can grant legal representation through a power of attorney granted to a notary, so that he can defend only his interests.

One of the advantages of hiring your own lawyer is that the client will be informed of the  true status and legal status of the property that he intends to purchase, for example, if it has a first occupancy license, if it does not have any sanction file against it by the City Council or by the Junta de Andalucía, if it is not taxed with mortgages, whether or not it is current in the payment of taxes of IBI community of owners, expenses of electricity supply and so on.

The consequences of acquiring an irregular property or that does not comply with the urban planning regulations in force can lead to significant economic and judicial problems for the client.  In this office we offer you quality and trustworthy advice.

We guarantee comprehensive advice covering the following:

1.- We intervene in the negotiations prior to the writing of the private contract of reservation of the property. By means of said contract the parties agree that the selling party will have to withdraw the offer of a property from the market . Usually a money is given as a deposit or as a security deposit which is lost by the buyer if he decides not  to continue with the purchase or will be returned by the selling party, sometimes in duplicate, if he repents on it  to continue with the sale . This agreement sets the date of delivery of the rest of the purchase price and the day on which the notarial deeds of purchase and sale are signed.

2.- We supervise that the property that he/she seeks to acquire is registered in the Property Register in the name of the person who claims to be the selling party and we verify that the house is transmitted without charges and all payments and taxes have been paid. We make sure you have the relevant licenses. 3.- We write and supervise the public deeds of purchase and sale that must be signed before a notary to which we accompany the client at the time of signing.4.- We process the payment of local and state taxes to which the transaction of sale is subject. 5.- We register the property in your name in the Registry of Property and we manage the change of ownership of electricity, water and other entities of your new property in your favor.

Pilar González Parra is a member of the bar of law of Malaga with number of association 6888 and with own specialty in Urbanistic Law by E.S.E.S.A.