Other Law Matters

english speaking lawyers in Torre del Mar

Other Law Matters. English speaking lawyers in Torre del Mar


Family matters

We manage divorces and separations from both married and unmarried couples, custodians, adoptions, filiations, alimony in favor of the children and the other spouse. We offer a service of mediation to the family to obtain agreement in all these points without needing to go to the courts to solve the family conflict. We help the marriage to terminate its matrimonial economic regime and distribute its goods whatever the applicable economic regime. We process separation of property or marriage capitulations. For a non-national couple who marries in Spain the Spanish marriage legislation is applied if no other regime is previously agreed. In Spain, the applicable matrimonial economic regime is that of legal partnership.  With this regime all the profits that come from each and every spouse become common regardless of who generates the income.

Criminal matters

Assistance to detainees that can be carried out both in prisons, police stations and in Courts. When someone is a victim of a crime or a minor offense (minor crimes) you can file a complaint with the alleged assailant.

In Pilar González Abogados, english speaking lawyers in Torredelmar, we present complaints and criminal complaints representing the victims of crimes and claiming responsibilities against the offender.

Civil and propety law

In many cases, the owner of a rustic property or a house is in need of defending its property against third persons who try to misappropriate his land. In the Spanish civil law, there are several actions directed and aimed at achieving the restitution of what is unduly appropriate by another person. Likewise, we process evictions and claims of amount for defaults of debts and so on. Traffic accidents and quantity claims arising out of civil liability.